The race of rabbit and turtle

rabbit and turtle

Once upon a time, there is a rabbit and a turtle.

They keep arguing to see who faster than the other.

They decided to make a race to handle that question.

In the first beginning, the rabbit starts like a rocket.

And left the turtle behind a way so far.

He considers it's a safe distance.

He takes a rest, he wanders around, picking flowers, catching butterflies.

Then falling deep into the sleep.

Meanwhile in the back side.

The turtle slowly keep walking forward.

Quietly, non-stop.

And lo and behold, he touches the finish line first and won the race.

The rabbit wakes up and realizes he overslept.

In a panic way he runs to the finish and see the turtle was there before.

He lost, because of his arrogant.

In the reality, the message from this story tend to be more correct.

The race might not be count on physical distance.

It might be count on the length of time, last for decades of years.

It's not about starting like a rocket, it's about non-stop walking forward.

So what do you choose, be a rabbit or be a turtle.

Or be both.

Source: #nguoixedich

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