Put on a happy face

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I've been thinking a lot and see.

People dont care about our efforts except those who really close to us, what they really care is our achievement.

That is a journey full of shit and challenges we have to walk.
Some with others, some alone.

When we go travel, our achievement is experiences and gorgeous shots.

We might be a travel advisor when travel a lot.

We go to work, have a lot of customers, be promoted, people come to us.

We crush someone, chasing them, she nods her head, others jealous.

But before you get all of those.

Frankly, no one even f*cking care.

So what should we do ? I dont know.

Just keep going.

Listen to those who tend to be our side.

And cover ears when needed.

But there a test i consider putting it on top.

The loneliness.

Deadly, more dangerous than other agents.

It's absolutely right when you walk alone.

What are you gonna do in the middle of the crowd in the middle of the square in Da Lat.

Smiling, but that's a poor one.

People who passes this test, they're half win there.

And one more thing, we have to volunteer, no forced.

Now "put on a happy face and keep working".

Good luck.

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