Deadly weapon

In the last few days, on every paper we easily see a tragedy.

A murder case.

But the killer was not any specific person.

That's a convergence of a bunch of deadly people.

Their weapon was not a knife, not a gun, or poison.

They used letters, words.

Like people usually say nowadays.

Killing without knives.


Isn't that happening around us every single day.

Sometimes it hides under the cover of a pretty joke "making karma".

So now and then stop trampling, giving bad words to others.

Just focus on your business.

Do it before it gets too late.

Or someone else might become the next victim.

'cause it's not suicide.

It's murder.

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Giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade.

This morning, i read a chapter in one of my favourite book.

It goes like this "giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade".

We already know that silver and gold are precious jewelry because of high value.

People with a certain property will hide cash, silver, gold, diamond, etc. in safe.

But why says "giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade".

Is that because it's more important when you know how to do than using available things.

Days by days i see this proverb is completely true.

Even when we own a lot of money, much of gold without working or earning.

They'll run out all someday.

If we know how to rebuilt, we're not gonna die.

But if we don't, we're done.

Life teaches us lots of lessons.

It's not about how much do we have, it's about how to do.

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Wanna join us ?


Hi there ! wanna join us go around the city.

We'll tell you how to bargain in local market.

Organize some challenging games in park.

Bring you to kitchen and cook traditional food by your self.

Take you to museum to fill your curiosity about the culture and history.

Then throw you to the top on one of the highest buildings.

Finally wander on walking street before ending your excellent day of experience.

Don't hesitate to lift your ass up and come to us.

See you then.

The race of rabbit and turtle

rabbit and turtle

Once upon a time, there is a rabbit and a turtle.

They keep arguing to see who faster than the other.

They decided to make a race to handle that question.

In the first beginning, the rabbit starts like a rocket.

And left the turtle behind a way so far.

He considers it's a safe distance.

He takes a rest, he wanders around, picking flowers, catching butterflies.

Then falling deep into the sleep.

Meanwhile in the back side.

The turtle slowly keep walking forward.

Quietly, non-stop.

And lo and behold, he touches the finish line first and won the race.

The rabbit wakes up and realizes he overslept.

In a panic way he runs to the finish and see the turtle was there before.

He lost, because of his arrogant.

In the reality, the message from this story tend to be more correct.

The race might not be count on physical distance.

It might be count on the length of time, last for decades of years.

It's not about starting like a rocket, it's about non-stop walking forward.

So what do you choose, be a rabbit or be a turtle.

Or be both.

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Put on a happy face

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I've been thinking a lot and see.

People dont care about our efforts except those who really close to us, what they really care is our achievement.

That is a journey full of shit and challenges we have to walk.
Some with others, some alone.

When we go travel, our achievement is experiences and gorgeous shots.

We might be a travel advisor when travel a lot.

We go to work, have a lot of customers, be promoted, people come to us.

We crush someone, chasing them, she nods her head, others jealous.

But before you get all of those.

Frankly, no one even f*cking care.

So what should we do ? I dont know.

Just keep going.

Listen to those who tend to be our side.

And cover ears when needed.

But there a test i consider putting it on top.

The loneliness.

Deadly, more dangerous than other agents.

It's absolutely right when you walk alone.

What are you gonna do in the middle of the crowd in the middle of the square in Da Lat.

Smiling, but that's a poor one.

People who passes this test, they're half win there.

And one more thing, we have to volunteer, no forced.

Now "put on a happy face and keep working".

Good luck.

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