What are you gonna do in this holiday ?

người xê dịch

September comes.

Today is the first day, sunday.

Peple are heading homes.

People heading beaches.

People heading mountains.

Somewhere else they can head to.

And i, i heading my place.

Sit still like a dog.

Suddenly barking gaw gaw.

Then staring at nowhere wistfully.

Looks damn poor.

But... (laughing), i'm just kidding.

'Cause i've been through these kinds of holidays for many times.

So i'm familiar with it.

What are you gonna do today and tomorrow ?

Anything, i hope you enjoy it completely.

I'm gonna head to park with my roller skates.

Reading some pages of a book i've been reading.

It's been a long time since my last rollerblading.

Mmmmm..... Ok, Let's enjoy holiday in your own way.

Hmm... hold on, remember: "Just fun, don't get too much fun".

Temporarily translate: "Vui thôi chứ đừng vui quá".

See ya.


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