Thinking, thinking, we have to think.

người xê dịch

Lately i've been, i've been losing power.

Thinking about the things that i could be.

Baby i've been, i've been thinking hard.

Before saying no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars.

Let's reverse the order.

We'll count dollars first and then counting stars later.

Every one wanna be rich so that we can be free.

So freedom is dollars.

And the price for freedom is damn expensive.

It's cost me so many cups of coffee... and tea.

Thinking days and nights.

While eating, riding, jogging, on the bed, in the toilet...

Do we need a partner on the path.

Someone who has the same view of life.

Speaking ideas passionately regardless time and space.

Making it count.

I'm seeking you.

Freedom is a special item, it can't be bought in a usual way.

It's away from us by a series of zigzag roads, full of shit.

So shake my hand if you want to see shit, step on shit.

You're welcome.

Rambling enough.

I keep going my thinking flow.

See ya.


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