Supposing you won the lottery

người xê dịch

Supposing now you won the lottery. 

One ticket, 2 billions.

How you plan to use it.

Paying tax 200 millions, you got 1,8.

If it was me, i'd take 1 to give to parents.

In 800 left, i take 50 for traveling, lots of places, collect lessons.

In 750 left, putting 650 in the bank.

So 100 left, what do i do.

I'll run a business, small one, little one, tiny one.

But... what exactly that is.

Mmmm... I've been sketching it recently.

Doodle strokes, doodle ideas.

And it hasn't turned into specific shapes yet.

But firstly, in that 100, i take 10 for the first running.

Growing a tree from its tiny.

Spending time and resources.

Looking forward to see it growing up every single day.

Yeah, good shot, good plan.

Sigh... if what we suppose soon becomes true.

Then i'll get 3.6 billions this afternoon.

'Cause i bought 2 lottery tickets this morning.

Wait there ! You don't know who better who after 4:30 pm.

Temporarily translate: "Sau 4 rưỡi chiều, chưa biết ai hơn ai à nhen".

See ya.


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