Guess what he carved on that tree

người xê dịch

"There was a boy carved on tree his words of love for a girl.

That love has remained for years, such beautiful as wind and cloud.

Like a painting which drawn by the mellows of once upon a time.

Thought it was a dream subconsciously".

This is a part of lyrics in a song named "Có chàng trai viết lên cây".

A deep song with gentle melodies.

Like its composer, not loud, not gaudy, and be cool.

As we grown up, we prefer to enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics.

Honest, close to this life.

Not something sounds: 

!@#$%^&*()$#@%^@#@$%%^&#@@&1 2 3 ye.

%&^:";*)_\}%#$@@^&*()_}?><":@!$%@ 3 2 1 ồ ye.

Ứ hu, yé hè.

And look, it's on the top on youtube and other billboards.

We're chasing trends unconsciously without understanding what is it for or meaning.

What you're chasing it for ?

Looking around, asking others "what we're chasing it for ?".


Mehhhh..... who knows.

Every house playing it.

Everyone hearing it.

People chasing it.

So i run after regardless right-wrong.

If i run a coffee shop, and a bunch of customers asking for music.

I might play his songs.

Sometimes i suppose people who enjoys his lyrics and melodies is a deep, understanding one.

I respect things that way.

Not loud, not gaudy, be quiet and be cool.


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