Coffee yet ?

người xê dịch

Hi there !

Recently, i spent almost all the time for this child.

And must admitted that some days he drove me exhausted.

Tired like a dog is real.

About 6 years ago i posted a pic with a tus of what i'm doing now. Running a coffee shop.

During those rough years i hadn't told anyone about that little dream.

Giving ideas in silence, working in silence, then sighing in silence, it messed.

But with old me and now me, i think it worths, failure or success are deserved.

I'm preparing me for possibilities could happen, even the worst.

So you can call me a busy man, 'cause i'm working hard.

Don't ask me out for chill, not interesting anymore.

But coffee is ok. I'm working on it.

See you soon guys.

P.s: This is shop's name. Coffee yet. Wanna come, address below.

người xê dịch

#395 Le Quang Dinh, ward 5, Binh Thanh Dist, Tp. HCM.


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