Coffee yet ?

người xê dịch

Hi there !

Recently, i spent almost all the time for this child.

And must admitted that some days he drove me exhausted.

Tired like a dog is real.

About 6 years ago i posted a pic with a tus of what i'm doing now. Running a coffee shop.

During those rough years i hadn't told anyone about that little dream.

Giving ideas in silence, working in silence, then sighing in silence, it messed.

But with old me and now me, i think it worths, failure or success are deserved.

I'm preparing me for possibilities could happen, even the worst.

So you can call me a busy man, 'cause i'm working hard.

Don't ask me out for chill, not interesting anymore.

But coffee is ok. I'm working on it.

See you soon guys.

P.s: This is shop's name. Coffee yet. Wanna come, address below.

người xê dịch

#395 Le Quang Dinh, ward 5, Binh Thanh Dist, Tp. HCM.


Vietnam Art

người xê dịch

Welcome to Vietnam Art.

But  wait... where is it ?

I forgot.

Any of you ?


Guess what he carved on that tree

người xê dịch

"There was a boy carved on tree his words of love for a girl.

That love has remained for years, such beautiful as wind and cloud.

Like a painting which drawn by the mellows of once upon a time.

Thought it was a dream subconsciously".

This is a part of lyrics in a song named "Có chàng trai viết lên cây".

A deep song with gentle melodies.

Like its composer, not loud, not gaudy, and be cool.

As we grown up, we prefer to enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics.

Honest, close to this life.

Not something sounds: 

!@#$%^&*()$#@%^@#@$%%^&#@@&1 2 3 ye.

%&^:";*)_\}%#$@@^&*()_}?><":@!$%@ 3 2 1 ồ ye.

Ứ hu, yé hè.

And look, it's on the top on youtube and other billboards.

We're chasing trends unconsciously without understanding what is it for or meaning.

What you're chasing it for ?

Looking around, asking others "what we're chasing it for ?".


Mehhhh..... who knows.

Every house playing it.

Everyone hearing it.

People chasing it.

So i run after regardless right-wrong.

If i run a coffee shop, and a bunch of customers asking for music.

I might play his songs.

Sometimes i suppose people who enjoys his lyrics and melodies is a deep, understanding one.

I respect things that way.

Not loud, not gaudy, be quiet and be cool.


Back to school

người xê dịch

Back to school.

Summer is over.

No more oversleeps.

No more up all night.

Wear your new pure white shirt and smooth trouser.

They're smell newie.

With a bunch of books and notebooks in your school bag.

They're all smell newie.

Walking, riding on familiar roads.

It's time to meet our friends in joyful emotions.

Giving each others tight hugs, affectionate looks.

And it sounds like something chokes at our throat.

It's not like i miss you, we'll be sitting in a class together or something similar.

It sounds like: Hey homie, summer is over (crying out loud).

No more free time as much, back to school, back to work.


Since we grown up, no more summer at all.

Life goes on with a range of different stages.

So instead of preparing for a new semester.

We prepare for new stage.

It might be more draconic.

But it might be full of glory in the end.

Now move your ass.

And be persistent.


Go hide with me.

người xê dịch

Your dad smoked too much.

Your mom cried a lot.

My dad walked around and around.

My mom rang neighbors and relatives.

We haven't come home for many days.

With no signs, no contacts.

Just left a piece of paper.

"Don't worry, i just go away for a while".


Hey baby, go hide with me.

We go to see silver sea, green mountain.

I'll ride you away on a shaking ride.


We left narrow and noisy city behind.

Where breathing make us spend lots of energy.

I feel hangover dreaming about long roads.

Wanna ride you to every corner on earth.

I don't care if it was a gorgeous shiny day.

Or windy, stormy, rainy days.

The day we're together is such a beautiful day.

Then go hide with me baby !

We'll get more fresh air.

And less depression.

How long does it last ?

Peacefully every early single day.


I gotta go earn money.

P.s: Lyrics is in a Vnmese song named "Đưa nhau đi trốn" and the picture is in Binh Ba, a beautiful island in Nha Trang province.

See ya.


Thinking, thinking, we have to think.

người xê dịch

Lately i've been, i've been losing power.

Thinking about the things that i could be.

Baby i've been, i've been thinking hard.

Before saying no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars.

Let's reverse the order.

We'll count dollars first and then counting stars later.

Every one wanna be rich so that we can be free.

So freedom is dollars.

And the price for freedom is damn expensive.

It's cost me so many cups of coffee... and tea.

Thinking days and nights.

While eating, riding, jogging, on the bed, in the toilet...

Do we need a partner on the path.

Someone who has the same view of life.

Speaking ideas passionately regardless time and space.

Making it count.

I'm seeking you.

Freedom is a special item, it can't be bought in a usual way.

It's away from us by a series of zigzag roads, full of shit.

So shake my hand if you want to see shit, step on shit.

You're welcome.

Rambling enough.

I keep going my thinking flow.

See ya.


Supposing you won the lottery

người xê dịch

Supposing now you won the lottery. 

One ticket, 2 billions.

How you plan to use it.

Paying tax 200 millions, you got 1,8.

If it was me, i'd take 1 to give to parents.

In 800 left, i take 50 for traveling, lots of places, collect lessons.

In 750 left, putting 650 in the bank.

So 100 left, what do i do.

I'll run a business, small one, little one, tiny one.

But... what exactly that is.

Mmmm... I've been sketching it recently.

Doodle strokes, doodle ideas.

And it hasn't turned into specific shapes yet.

But firstly, in that 100, i take 10 for the first running.

Growing a tree from its tiny.

Spending time and resources.

Looking forward to see it growing up every single day.

Yeah, good shot, good plan.

Sigh... if what we suppose soon becomes true.

Then i'll get 3.6 billions this afternoon.

'Cause i bought 2 lottery tickets this morning.

Wait there ! You don't know who better who after 4:30 pm.

Temporarily translate: "Sau 4 rưỡi chiều, chưa biết ai hơn ai à nhen".

See ya.


What are you gonna do in this holiday ?

người xê dịch

September comes.

Today is the first day, sunday.

Peple are heading homes.

People heading beaches.

People heading mountains.

Somewhere else they can head to.

And i, i heading my place.

Sit still like a dog.

Suddenly barking gaw gaw.

Then staring at nowhere wistfully.

Looks damn poor.

But... (laughing), i'm just kidding.

'Cause i've been through these kinds of holidays for many times.

So i'm familiar with it.

What are you gonna do today and tomorrow ?

Anything, i hope you enjoy it completely.

I'm gonna head to park with my roller skates.

Reading some pages of a book i've been reading.

It's been a long time since my last rollerblading.

Mmmmm..... Ok, Let's enjoy holiday in your own way.

Hmm... hold on, remember: "Just fun, don't get too much fun".

Temporarily translate: "Vui thôi chứ đừng vui quá".

See ya.