Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.


Frankly to say...

I've sought you for recent days.

Not because i missed you as a little corner in my childhood.

Just 'cause i suddenly craved you.

I ran to markets.

I ran along streets.

I ran around, and didn't find you.

Then what a surprise !

You were closer than i thought.

Finally found you at the corner nearby.

So the lesson is, before looking for something whether it's big or not, look around first huh.

Gotcha now, can't wait anymore.

Rộp rộp...

Mmmm... you're tasted good... yummy.

But it never be as the flavor in childhood, never be the same.

And damn inflation, 5k for one, instead of ten years years ago.

I guess any of you'd had it at least once.

What you call it, several names.

But i call it bánh cam, sounds closer and familiar.

Wanna get one huh ?

Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.

Thank you.


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