Walking dead day

Morning there ! 

Today is shiny huh ?

Breakfast and coffee yet ?

I've read a note from a friend of mine before, it sounds like "a day without coffee is a walking dead day"... yeah walking dead day.

Imagine the whole world didn't drink coffee for one day, you would familiar with the scene, 'cause you've already seen it in movies like The Walking Dead or World War Z.

Are you scared ? Gru gru...

Ok stop doing that and go get your coffee !

Where are you gonna choose to enjoy it ?

Never mind it, move your ass and get your coffee now, unless you wanna bite people.

By the way, that is the pic of a coffee shop on Lam Vien Plateau named Mê Linh.

Good view good shots huh. 

What are you waiting for ? Move your ass up there.


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