Come home ! Storm is coming.


Hey guys, what are you doing up there ?

What's fun on those scaffoldings ?

Anyway, forget it, now climb down please.

Storm No.4 is coming, his name is Podul, he's a big guy.

I heard that he's sweeping some provinces in the north. 

News said he'll get more extreme tomorrow and the day after, before becoming tropical depression.

So come home, sit around your wife and kids, turn on the TV and enjoy it.

And you, Podul, i'll tell you this...

You think you're delicious.

You think i'm scared of you.

Then come on, come over me.

I'll let you know my hands.

(A few moments later)
And there you are, little boy, now you stay here and wait for a moment.
And this is me running damn fast without turning back. 

See you next life, Podul.


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