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người xê dịch

I've read a note in a book which i admire so much.

It sounds like this.

"Every morning, people open newspaper and start worrying".




Prostitution broker.

Food poisoning.

Traffic accidents.



Trade tension.

Political tension.

Husband slaps wife.

Wife slaps husband back.

Hey look, that model, she's wearing a thousands dollars handbag.

Blah blah...

Reader: Breaking news, breaking news, i addicted to breaking news, give me breaking news.

Writer: Calm down baby, take it easy, breaking news available all the time, there you go, eat it.

Whether you admit or not, those news still affect you much or less.

How could we change it.

Well, easy man, just stop read those...huh.

And instead of breaking news, looking for something positive like:





Maria.................. Sharapova.

Good choice huh, sounds good.

But we better find things more practical. 

Things you're excited to read and applicable in life and career.

Ok, rambling enough, i back with my unfinished Doraemon.

"P.s": the note above is from a book of an anonymous author named "Tony Buổi Sáng", a super star in bookbiz.


Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.


Frankly to say...

I've sought you for recent days.

Not because i missed you as a little corner in my childhood.

Just 'cause i suddenly craved you.

I ran to markets.

I ran along streets.

I ran around, and didn't find you.

Then what a surprise !

You were closer than i thought.

Finally found you at the corner nearby.

So the lesson is, before looking for something whether it's big or not, look around first huh.

Gotcha now, can't wait anymore.

Rộp rộp...

Mmmm... you're tasted good... yummy.

But it never be as the flavor in childhood, never be the same.

And damn inflation, 5k for one, instead of ten years years ago.

I guess any of you'd had it at least once.

What you call it, several names.

But i call it bánh cam, sounds closer and familiar.

Wanna get one huh ?

Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.

Thank you.


Come home ! Storm is coming.


Hey guys, what are you doing up there ?

What's fun on those scaffoldings ?

Anyway, forget it, now climb down please.

Storm No.4 is coming, his name is Podul, he's a big guy.

I heard that he's sweeping some provinces in the north. 

News said he'll get more extreme tomorrow and the day after, before becoming tropical depression.

So come home, sit around your wife and kids, turn on the TV and enjoy it.

And you, Podul, i'll tell you this...

You think you're delicious.

You think i'm scared of you.

Then come on, come over me.

I'll let you know my hands.

(A few moments later)
And there you are, little boy, now you stay here and wait for a moment.
And this is me running damn fast without turning back. 

See you next life, Podul.


Walking dead day

Morning there ! 

Today is shiny huh ?

Breakfast and coffee yet ?

I've read a note from a friend of mine before, it sounds like "a day without coffee is a walking dead day"... yeah walking dead day.

Imagine the whole world didn't drink coffee for one day, you would familiar with the scene, 'cause you've already seen it in movies like The Walking Dead or World War Z.

Are you scared ? Gru gru...

Ok stop doing that and go get your coffee !

Where are you gonna choose to enjoy it ?

Never mind it, move your ass and get your coffee now, unless you wanna bite people.

By the way, that is the pic of a coffee shop on Lam Vien Plateau named Mê Linh.

Good view good shots huh. 

What are you waiting for ? Move your ass up there.


What you see

What you see in this pic. 

A corridor, isn't it ?

But... Look closely ! what you see ?

Several doors and lights, of course. Ok, one more time, a hint.

At the end of the corridor, keep your eyes on it for a moment, be focus.

Now... what you see ?

Something looks like a window, right ?

Ok, one last time. Now you just put your phone down or leave your laptop or computer there and stand up, step back for five steps, close your eyes for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, open your eyes.

Yes, what you see is what i am seeing now, and...

The same picture, yes... nothing else.

That's it. 

Thank you for spending your time. "Applause".

By the way, this picture i took in Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, a historical relic and an attractive place.

Be there, show me your pic and tell your story.

Have a good night. 


Hi there ! It's me.


Hi there ! It's me, how are you ?

It's been a long time no see.

You miss me huh ? I guess so.

Just so you know that i've just taken a nap (lasted for months, yewww) and waking up.

I've been thinking about changing the content, should i bring more themes, more aspects into this site.

Fulfilling your admiration, dear thousands and thousands of you.

I know, yeh i know you've been waiting for me for long, it was a hard time, i terribly sorry (tears falling).

Dear sweet fans, please be patient, i'll be back soon.
Huh, i'm paranoid. Wake up, Chickens are crowing out there.
Sorry, it's a joke, promise i'll be back soon. Love you then. moaw moaw.