Deadly weapon

In the last few days, on every paper we easily see a tragedy.

A murder case.

But the killer was not any specific person.

That's a convergence of a bunch of deadly people.

Their weapon was not a knife, not a gun, or poison.

They used letters, words.

Like people usually say nowadays.

Killing without knives.


Isn't that happening around us every single day.

Sometimes it hides under the cover of a pretty joke "making karma".

So now and then stop trampling, giving bad words to others.

Just focus on your business.

Do it before it gets too late.

Or someone else might become the next victim.

'cause it's not suicide.

It's murder.

Source: nguoixedich
Photos: pixabay


Giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade.

This morning, i read a chapter in one of my favourite book.

It goes like this "giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade".

We already know that silver and gold are precious jewelry because of high value.

People with a certain property will hide cash, silver, gold, diamond, etc. in safe.

But why says "giving silver, giving gold, no one giving you a way to trade".

Is that because it's more important when you know how to do than using available things.

Days by days i see this proverb is completely true.

Even when we own a lot of money, much of gold without working or earning.

They'll run out all someday.

If we know how to rebuilt, we're not gonna die.

But if we don't, we're done.

Life teaches us lots of lessons.

It's not about how much do we have, it's about how to do.

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Giphies on

Wanna join us ?


Hi there ! wanna join us go around the city.

We'll tell you how to bargain in local market.

Organize some challenging games in park.

Bring you to kitchen and cook traditional food by your self.

Take you to museum to fill your curiosity about the culture and history.

Then throw you to the top on one of the highest buildings.

Finally wander on walking street before ending your excellent day of experience.

Don't hesitate to lift your ass up and come to us.

See you then.

The race of rabbit and turtle

rabbit and turtle

Once upon a time, there is a rabbit and a turtle.

They keep arguing to see who faster than the other.

They decided to make a race to handle that question.

In the first beginning, the rabbit starts like a rocket.

And left the turtle behind a way so far.

He considers it's a safe distance.

He takes a rest, he wanders around, picking flowers, catching butterflies.

Then falling deep into the sleep.

Meanwhile in the back side.

The turtle slowly keep walking forward.

Quietly, non-stop.

And lo and behold, he touches the finish line first and won the race.

The rabbit wakes up and realizes he overslept.

In a panic way he runs to the finish and see the turtle was there before.

He lost, because of his arrogant.

In the reality, the message from this story tend to be more correct.

The race might not be count on physical distance.

It might be count on the length of time, last for decades of years.

It's not about starting like a rocket, it's about non-stop walking forward.

So what do you choose, be a rabbit or be a turtle.

Or be both.

Source: #nguoixedich

Photos and giphies on google.


Put on a happy face

#warnerbros entertainment inc
I've been thinking a lot and see.

People dont care about our efforts except those who really close to us, what they really care is our achievement.

That is a journey full of shit and challenges we have to walk.
Some with others, some alone.

When we go travel, our achievement is experiences and gorgeous shots.

We might be a travel advisor when travel a lot.

We go to work, have a lot of customers, be promoted, people come to us.

We crush someone, chasing them, she nods her head, others jealous.

But before you get all of those.

Frankly, no one even f*cking care.

So what should we do ? I dont know.

Just keep going.

Listen to those who tend to be our side.

And cover ears when needed.

But there a test i consider putting it on top.

The loneliness.

Deadly, more dangerous than other agents.

It's absolutely right when you walk alone.

What are you gonna do in the middle of the crowd in the middle of the square in Da Lat.

Smiling, but that's a poor one.

People who passes this test, they're half win there.

And one more thing, we have to volunteer, no forced.

Now "put on a happy face and keep working".

Good luck.

Source: nguoixedich


Coffee yet ?

người xê dịch

Hi there !

Recently, i spent almost all the time for this child.

And must admitted that some days he drove me exhausted.

Tired like a dog is real.

About 6 years ago i posted a pic with a tus of what i'm doing now. Running a coffee shop.

During those rough years i hadn't told anyone about that little dream.

Giving ideas in silence, working in silence, then sighing in silence, it messed.

But with old me and now me, i think it worths, failure or success are deserved.

I'm preparing me for possibilities could happen, even the worst.

So you can call me a busy man, 'cause i'm working hard.

Don't ask me out for chill, not interesting anymore.

But coffee is ok. I'm working on it.

See you soon guys.

P.s: This is shop's name. Coffee yet. Wanna come, address below.

người xê dịch

#395 Le Quang Dinh, ward 5, Binh Thanh Dist, Tp. HCM.


Vietnam Art

người xê dịch

Welcome to Vietnam Art.

But  wait... where is it ?

I forgot.

Any of you ?


Guess what he carved on that tree

người xê dịch

"There was a boy carved on tree his words of love for a girl.

That love has remained for years, such beautiful as wind and cloud.

Like a painting which drawn by the mellows of once upon a time.

Thought it was a dream subconsciously".

This is a part of lyrics in a song named "Có chàng trai viết lên cây".

A deep song with gentle melodies.

Like its composer, not loud, not gaudy, and be cool.

As we grown up, we prefer to enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics.

Honest, close to this life.

Not something sounds: 

!@#$%^&*()$#@%^@#@$%%^&#@@&1 2 3 ye.

%&^:";*)_\}%#$@@^&*()_}?><":@!$%@ 3 2 1 ồ ye.

Ứ hu, yé hè.

And look, it's on the top on youtube and other billboards.

We're chasing trends unconsciously without understanding what is it for or meaning.

What you're chasing it for ?

Looking around, asking others "what we're chasing it for ?".


Mehhhh..... who knows.

Every house playing it.

Everyone hearing it.

People chasing it.

So i run after regardless right-wrong.

If i run a coffee shop, and a bunch of customers asking for music.

I might play his songs.

Sometimes i suppose people who enjoys his lyrics and melodies is a deep, understanding one.

I respect things that way.

Not loud, not gaudy, be quiet and be cool.


Back to school

người xê dịch

Back to school.

Summer is over.

No more oversleeps.

No more up all night.

Wear your new pure white shirt and smooth trouser.

They're smell newie.

With a bunch of books and notebooks in your school bag.

They're all smell newie.

Walking, riding on familiar roads.

It's time to meet our friends in joyful emotions.

Giving each others tight hugs, affectionate looks.

And it sounds like something chokes at our throat.

It's not like i miss you, we'll be sitting in a class together or something similar.

It sounds like: Hey homie, summer is over (crying out loud).

No more free time as much, back to school, back to work.


Since we grown up, no more summer at all.

Life goes on with a range of different stages.

So instead of preparing for a new semester.

We prepare for new stage.

It might be more draconic.

But it might be full of glory in the end.

Now move your ass.

And be persistent.


Go hide with me.

người xê dịch

Your dad smoked too much.

Your mom cried a lot.

My dad walked around and around.

My mom rang neighbors and relatives.

We haven't come home for many days.

With no signs, no contacts.

Just left a piece of paper.

"Don't worry, i just go away for a while".


Hey baby, go hide with me.

We go to see silver sea, green mountain.

I'll ride you away on a shaking ride.


We left narrow and noisy city behind.

Where breathing make us spend lots of energy.

I feel hangover dreaming about long roads.

Wanna ride you to every corner on earth.

I don't care if it was a gorgeous shiny day.

Or windy, stormy, rainy days.

The day we're together is such a beautiful day.

Then go hide with me baby !

We'll get more fresh air.

And less depression.

How long does it last ?

Peacefully every early single day.


I gotta go earn money.

P.s: Lyrics is in a Vnmese song named "Đưa nhau đi trốn" and the picture is in Binh Ba, a beautiful island in Nha Trang province.

See ya.


Thinking, thinking, we have to think.

người xê dịch

Lately i've been, i've been losing power.

Thinking about the things that i could be.

Baby i've been, i've been thinking hard.

Before saying no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars.

Let's reverse the order.

We'll count dollars first and then counting stars later.

Every one wanna be rich so that we can be free.

So freedom is dollars.

And the price for freedom is damn expensive.

It's cost me so many cups of coffee... and tea.

Thinking days and nights.

While eating, riding, jogging, on the bed, in the toilet...

Do we need a partner on the path.

Someone who has the same view of life.

Speaking ideas passionately regardless time and space.

Making it count.

I'm seeking you.

Freedom is a special item, it can't be bought in a usual way.

It's away from us by a series of zigzag roads, full of shit.

So shake my hand if you want to see shit, step on shit.

You're welcome.

Rambling enough.

I keep going my thinking flow.

See ya.


Supposing you won the lottery

người xê dịch

Supposing now you won the lottery. 

One ticket, 2 billions.

How you plan to use it.

Paying tax 200 millions, you got 1,8.

If it was me, i'd take 1 to give to parents.

In 800 left, i take 50 for traveling, lots of places, collect lessons.

In 750 left, putting 650 in the bank.

So 100 left, what do i do.

I'll run a business, small one, little one, tiny one.

But... what exactly that is.

Mmmm... I've been sketching it recently.

Doodle strokes, doodle ideas.

And it hasn't turned into specific shapes yet.

But firstly, in that 100, i take 10 for the first running.

Growing a tree from its tiny.

Spending time and resources.

Looking forward to see it growing up every single day.

Yeah, good shot, good plan.

Sigh... if what we suppose soon becomes true.

Then i'll get 3.6 billions this afternoon.

'Cause i bought 2 lottery tickets this morning.

Wait there ! You don't know who better who after 4:30 pm.

Temporarily translate: "Sau 4 rưỡi chiều, chưa biết ai hơn ai à nhen".

See ya.


What are you gonna do in this holiday ?

người xê dịch

September comes.

Today is the first day, sunday.

Peple are heading homes.

People heading beaches.

People heading mountains.

Somewhere else they can head to.

And i, i heading my place.

Sit still like a dog.

Suddenly barking gaw gaw.

Then staring at nowhere wistfully.

Looks damn poor.

But... (laughing), i'm just kidding.

'Cause i've been through these kinds of holidays for many times.

So i'm familiar with it.

What are you gonna do today and tomorrow ?

Anything, i hope you enjoy it completely.

I'm gonna head to park with my roller skates.

Reading some pages of a book i've been reading.

It's been a long time since my last rollerblading.

Mmmmm..... Ok, Let's enjoy holiday in your own way.

Hmm... hold on, remember: "Just fun, don't get too much fun".

Temporarily translate: "Vui thôi chứ đừng vui quá".

See ya.


Breaking News

người xê dịch

I've read a note in a book which i admire so much.

It sounds like this.

"Every morning, people open newspaper and start worrying".




Prostitution broker.

Food poisoning.

Traffic accidents.



Trade tension.

Political tension.

Husband slaps wife.

Wife slaps husband back.

Hey look, that model, she's wearing a thousands dollars handbag.

Blah blah...

Reader: Breaking news, breaking news, i addicted to breaking news, give me breaking news.

Writer: Calm down baby, take it easy, breaking news available all the time, there you go, eat it.

Whether you admit or not, those news still affect you much or less.

How could we change it.

Well, easy man, just stop read those...huh.

And instead of breaking news, looking for something positive like:





Maria.................. Sharapova.

Good choice huh, sounds good.

But we better find things more practical. 

Things you're excited to read and applicable in life and career.

Ok, rambling enough, i back with my unfinished Doraemon.

"P.s": the note above is from a book of an anonymous author named "Tony Buổi Sáng", a super star in bookbiz.


Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.


Frankly to say...

I've sought you for recent days.

Not because i missed you as a little corner in my childhood.

Just 'cause i suddenly craved you.

I ran to markets.

I ran along streets.

I ran around, and didn't find you.

Then what a surprise !

You were closer than i thought.

Finally found you at the corner nearby.

So the lesson is, before looking for something whether it's big or not, look around first huh.

Gotcha now, can't wait anymore.

Rộp rộp...

Mmmm... you're tasted good... yummy.

But it never be as the flavor in childhood, never be the same.

And damn inflation, 5k for one, instead of ten years years ago.

I guess any of you'd had it at least once.

What you call it, several names.

But i call it bánh cam, sounds closer and familiar.

Wanna get one huh ?

Whisper me if you know somewhere else sells it.

Thank you.


Come home ! Storm is coming.


Hey guys, what are you doing up there ?

What's fun on those scaffoldings ?

Anyway, forget it, now climb down please.

Storm No.4 is coming, his name is Podul, he's a big guy.

I heard that he's sweeping some provinces in the north. 

News said he'll get more extreme tomorrow and the day after, before becoming tropical depression.

So come home, sit around your wife and kids, turn on the TV and enjoy it.

And you, Podul, i'll tell you this...

You think you're delicious.

You think i'm scared of you.

Then come on, come over me.

I'll let you know my hands.

(A few moments later)
And there you are, little boy, now you stay here and wait for a moment.
And this is me running damn fast without turning back. 

See you next life, Podul.


Walking dead day

Morning there ! 

Today is shiny huh ?

Breakfast and coffee yet ?

I've read a note from a friend of mine before, it sounds like "a day without coffee is a walking dead day"... yeah walking dead day.

Imagine the whole world didn't drink coffee for one day, you would familiar with the scene, 'cause you've already seen it in movies like The Walking Dead or World War Z.

Are you scared ? Gru gru...

Ok stop doing that and go get your coffee !

Where are you gonna choose to enjoy it ?

Never mind it, move your ass and get your coffee now, unless you wanna bite people.

By the way, that is the pic of a coffee shop on Lam Vien Plateau named Mê Linh.

Good view good shots huh. 

What are you waiting for ? Move your ass up there.


What you see

What you see in this pic. 

A corridor, isn't it ?

But... Look closely ! what you see ?

Several doors and lights, of course. Ok, one more time, a hint.

At the end of the corridor, keep your eyes on it for a moment, be focus.

Now... what you see ?

Something looks like a window, right ?

Ok, one last time. Now you just put your phone down or leave your laptop or computer there and stand up, step back for five steps, close your eyes for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, open your eyes.

Yes, what you see is what i am seeing now, and...

The same picture, yes... nothing else.

That's it. 

Thank you for spending your time. "Applause".

By the way, this picture i took in Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, a historical relic and an attractive place.

Be there, show me your pic and tell your story.

Have a good night. 


Hi there ! It's me.


Hi there ! It's me, how are you ?

It's been a long time no see.

You miss me huh ? I guess so.

Just so you know that i've just taken a nap (lasted for months, yewww) and waking up.

I've been thinking about changing the content, should i bring more themes, more aspects into this site.

Fulfilling your admiration, dear thousands and thousands of you.

I know, yeh i know you've been waiting for me for long, it was a hard time, i terribly sorry (tears falling).

Dear sweet fans, please be patient, i'll be back soon.
Huh, i'm paranoid. Wake up, Chickens are crowing out there.
Sorry, it's a joke, promise i'll be back soon. Love you then. moaw moaw.


Địa Đạo Củ Chi - Đất thép Thành đồng

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      Ngay cổng vào khu địa đạo Bến Dược có trưng bày nhiều hiện vật còn sót lại trong đó có chiếc máy bay C-130 số 005 được quân đội Mỹ sản xuất năm và đưa sang Việt Nam. Sau đó Mỹ bàn giao lại cho chính quyền Sài Gòn sử dụng trên chiến trường miền nam. Năm 1975 ta thu hồi được 7 chiếc C-130 trong đó có chiếc 005 này.

Bom và đạn pháo của Mỹ sử dụng để oanh tạc vùng đất thép được trưng bày ngay cổng vào khu địa đạo.

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      Ngay sau đó sẽ là màn trải nghiệm thực tế, lối vào hệ thống đường hầm được ngụy trang bằng lá khô hết sức tài tình và rất khó phát hiện, chỉ vừa đủ một người nhưng cũng không mấy dễ dàng, đối với những người có thân hình to lớn thì điều đó càng khó khăn hơn.
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      Sau đó là khởi đầu cho một hệ thống đường hầm dày đặc với nhiều lối đi được thông với nhau dẫn đến các căn cứ và nhiều phòng chức năng quan trọng khác sâu trong lòng đất, có nơi thông ra sông Sài Gòn.

      Vì đã trở thành khu di tích phục vụ khách tham quan nên các lối đi đã được trang bị hệ thống chiếu sáng và được khoét rộng hơn để phù hợp với nhiều đối tượng khách tham quan, tuy nhiên việc di chuyển trong đường hầm vẫn là thử thách đối với nhiều khách tham quan.
      Địa đạo được đào trên một khu đất sét pha đá ong nên có độ bền cao, ít bị sụt lở, trước khi xuống hầm thì hướng dẫn dẫn viên sẽ lưu ý không khuyến khích những người có hội chứng sợ không gian hẹp hay có bệnh tim mạch, huyết áp cao, hen suyễn... thì không nên tham gia.

Phòng hội họp, nơi bàn bạc những chiến lược phòng thủ và tác chiến quan trọng.

      Bếp Hoàng Cầm không khói được sử dụng trong lòng địa đạo, khi nấu, khói sẽ theo đường dẫn đi vào những ụ chứa khói và thoát ra bên ngoài là là trên mặt đất như màn sương do lỗ thông hơi được phủ đầy bằng rất nhiều lá cây.

      Hình ảnh chế tác vũ khí thu nhặt được trong quá trình giao chiến trong hầm Công Binh xưởng.

Lối vào hầm nghỉ và làm việc của tư lệnh.

Lỗ thông hơi được ngụy trang thành những tổ mối nhằm đánh lạc hướng, thường sẽ cách những lối đi trong lòng địa đạo từ 10 đến 15m.

Hệ thống mô phỏng hầm chông và bẫy được sử dụng trong các cuộc chiến.

Hầm may quân phục được đưa lên mặt đất để du khách dễ quan sát và mang những sản phẩm về làm quà lưu niệm như khăn rằn, nón tai bèo...

      Và đến đây chúng ta cũng có cơ hội được thưởng thức một món ăn đã trở thành đặc sản, gắn liền với vùng Đất Thép Thành Đồng Củ Chi này, đó là khoai mì, hay còn gọi là củ sắn, món ăn dân dã này đã gắn liền với quân và dân Củ Chi trong suốt thời kỳ kháng chiến trường kỳ, khoai mì sau khi được luộc lên, ăn kèm với muối mè, mặn mặn, ngọt ngọt, rất ngon.

Cuối điểm tham quan địa đạo là khu vực quầy lưu niệm với rất nhiều sản phẩm cho những ai muốn mang về những hình ảnh, kỉ niệm của vùng đất thân thương, oai hùng này.

Nằm trong khuông viên khu địa đạo Bến Dược còn có đền Bến Dược, là nơi tưởng niệm những anh hùng đã hy sinh, ngã xuống trong các cuộc chiến.

      Không gian bên trong chính điện trang nghiêm, với tượng Bác Hồ được đặt ở vị trí trung tâm, cùng với tên của hơn 44 nghìn anh hùng, chiến sĩ được lưu danh trên những bức tường trong lòng chính điện.

      Và còn một điểm tham quan nữa là khu tái hiện vùng giải phóng, tái hiện lại lối kiến trúc nhà cửa, cuộc sống, sinh hoạt, chiến đấu của quân và dân Củ Chi và được chia làm nhiều không gian ở những thời điểm khác nhau như: không gian thời kỳ chiến tranh đặc biệt, không gian chiến tranh cục bộ, không gian vùng trắng.
      Cuối khu tái hiện vùng giải phóng là khu vực hồ Cảnh Quan mô phỏng biển Đông, rừng gỗ quý 3 miền và 3 mô hình thu nhỏ của Chùa Một Cột, Ngọ Môn Huế, Bến Nhà Rồng. Bên cạnh là trường bắn dành cho những du khách muốn một lần cầm súng và tìm cảm giác mạnh.

Chúc các bạn có những chuyến đi thật thú vị và trọn vẹn !

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